ICE Raids Deepen the Wound and Strengthen the State

Days after a lone anti-immigrant gunman murdered over 20 people in El Paso the Immigration and Customs Agency (ICE) raided food production plants in Mississippi detaining around 680 people. Some tried to flee but were quickly detained. Others watched in shock and horror as family members, co-workers, and friends were taken away.

680 people. Folks with jobs and families simply living their lives without harm to anyone. And those lives were violently interrupted and forever changed. Not by ISIS or a lone gunman. But by the federal government of the United States of America.

There is a long tradition in this country that might makes right. We see it everyday in a nation that glorifies it’s military, let’s its’ cops kill with impunity, and breaks up poor working families simply because they didn’t have the time or money to come here the way the government wanted them to.

I ask you friend: where do you stand? Do you stand with a monolithic state that exists for it’s own perpetuation and enrichment? A state that exists to protect and promote the interests of capital often at the expense of ordinary working people?

Have you been angered and saddened by the violence and hatred of domestic terrorists who think they can murder their agenda into existence? I have been. But I see past this rotten fruit to the rotten root. The state uses violence every day to promote and protect its’ agenda.

As a human being and someone who works for a living I stand with my fellow workers wherever they may be and wherever they come from. We share this planet together and we must reclaim it before it is destroyed.

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