I Wish to God

I don’t know if writing helps Or if the Therapist helps I guess I want easy answers And I want to feel better And sometimes burying things down is the only way to not feel like my heart is being ripped out When I write I feel the pain When I speak to my therapist […]

My Childhood: Mobile Home Park Memories

I remember being outside a lot. I lived in the Mobile Home Park on Joyce Ln in Elgin from birth-6 years old. I remember more summer than I do any other season. I was outside all the time. Two of my best friends lived across the street. Joe who was a few years older than […]

Early Childhood: Part 1

I was born at Humana Hospital in Hoffman Estates, IL on October 17th, 1983. My first home was at 855 Joyce Ln in Elgin, IL. A well kept small mobile home tucked inside a mobile home park located between Sadler Ave and Villa St. It was a poor working class neighborhood. Small yards and narrow […]


It’s scary to write I feel trepidation at expressing my thoughts Because I know my thoughts, my feelings, my convictions aren’t the norm It’s scary to write I want to let myself out in deeper ways But I don’t want to hurt or confuse the people in my life. It’s scary to write To make […]

Darling, Let’s Dance

Darling, let us dance all night Let us shake off these heavy chains And cast away our cares Darling, let us dance all night Our souls infused with the music That makes our bodies move Darling, let’s dance all night To songs of liberation and life As the rhythm wraps us in rapture Darling, Let […]

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