Darling, Let’s Dance

Darling, let us dance all night

Let us shake off these heavy chains

And cast away our cares

Darling, let us dance all night

Our souls infused with the music

That makes our bodies move

Darling, let’s dance all night

To songs of liberation and life

As the rhythm wraps us in rapture

Darling, Let us dance all night

Body to body heart to heart

Layered and interwoven like harmony

Darling, let us confess together

Praise be to the gods on stage

With their instruments of inspiration

Darling, it is the gifts of God

For the people of God

Let us take them in remembrance that Kurt, and Richie, and Buddy, and Tu-Pac, and Biggie, and Chris, and Jim, and Jimi, and Dolores, and Janice died for us

Darling, sin not by being afraid

Let your body move freely in the power

Of the song, of the lyrics, of music

We will sweat out the demons

Who have tormented our souls

Darling, let us dance all night

The Trump will sound but not of Christ

The Trumpet announcing the music has come

And our liberation is here.

Enter in through movement

Through steps

Through dance

Darling, Let us Dance all night

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