It’s not Guns. It’s our Culture

The American State is founded upon White Male Bourgeois Supremacy. The Declaration of Independence forever stigmatizes Natives as “merciless Indian Savages.” The Constitution of the United States dehumanizes African American slaves by designating each individual to be on 3/5 of a person (technically counted 3 out of every 5 slaves a human. You do the math).

Here you have the founding documents of the United States, the epistles of liberty, excluding mass portions of the population from freedom. In addition, women could not vote. Furthermore, in 1789, the first election of the new Congress, only white land owners had the ability to vote in most states.

After two more mass shootings this weekend we recoil in horror and wonder why there is such a strong violent movement in the United States among disaffected white men. Where does this feeling come from, entertained and internalized by so many, that the white man’s culture is being taken over by: fill in the blank (Blacks, hispanics, immigrants, Muslims, etc).

Maybe these folks understand the history and foundation of this country better than the liberals who want to pass half measures to deal with symptoms while protecting the foundation and source of violence in this country. I am not justifying these white supremacist murderers. Quite the opposite. I am ready to stand with all my force against these folks who are, in all reality, simply trying to stay true to the roots of the American state.

Behold, the state wins not matter how you slice it. A mass murderer kills and now we increase police presence all over our cities. An institution that coerces through force and violence. A mass murderer shoots up undocumented immigrants and behold those who dare go to a hospital are now at the mercy of being discovered and deported by ICE. Violence plays into the hands of the state because the state is the greatest source of violence.

America is a nation founded on violence. From the genocide of Natives, to the enslavement of African Slaves, to another 100 years of Jim Crow segregation, to an industrialized economy built on the packs of immigrants and low wage workers, to the multiple wars they have waged to open up new markets and gain Geo-Political advantage.

Guns are not the problem. A Nation built on violence is. A nation whose population stands unequivocally behind the institutions who use violence and force to protect property and privilege: whether domestic or abroad.

I will save the gun control debate for another day. I am no NRA supporter. But neither am I comfortable with the weapons of violence being concentrated in the hands of the institutions of state power.

We need to get to the root. To uproot the culture of violence and build a culture of peace and cooperation. The times are getting more desperate. And the earth is being destroyed by the rich who feed upon it’s resources: whether oil, coal, oxygen, water, or humans. It’s time to get to the root. To truly be RADICAL.


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  1. Great analysis. The answers being proposed in popular media on either side of this debate are too simplistic. The solution is found at the root.


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