It’s scary to write

I feel trepidation at expressing my thoughts

Because I know my thoughts, my feelings, my convictions aren’t the norm

It’s scary to write

I want to let myself out in deeper ways

But I don’t want to hurt or confuse the people in my life.

It’s scary to write

To make poetry for myself

And to let it really flow out of the center of my being

It’s scary to write

Because most of my family already keeps me at arms length

And as much as I wish I didn’t I care what people think- I do. I have to- to a degree.

Don’t be scared

It’s me. The one you’ve always known

If you let yourself you might to come to know me in a deeper way

Don’t be scared

But if you are be scared with me

We will walk through this into deeper pastures of who we are.

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