Get to know me as I get to know myself.

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

Hello World. I have recently stepped back from Facebook and most social media. Because of specific circumstances and latent longings I’ve taken a break from the artificial distractions of life. Well, some of them at least.

With less distraction and more free time I’ve re-immersed myself in music and reading. I have more time to feel and hopefully process my emotions. I believe that one way I can do this constructively is through writing and poetry.

Feel free to join me on this inward journey. Maybe it will inspire you to do the same or give you tools to help you along the way. Cheers.


Why, Boy?

What have your dreams done for you, boy?

You still live in a world you hate

What has your romantic idealism done for you, boy?

It’s given you nothing but a broken heart

Why did you ever reach out in excitement boy?

You should have known you’d come back empty handed

Why did you dare to feel so deeply boy?

Pain follows Pleasure like night follows the day

You came out of your shell and was it worth it, boy?

You’re in the fires of hell how does it feel, boy?

You’ll get everything you deserve, boy.

Everything a fool deserves.


It’s scary to write

I feel trepidation at expressing my thoughts

Because I know my thoughts, my feelings, my convictions aren’t the norm

It’s scary to write

I want to let myself out in deeper ways

But I don’t want to hurt or confuse the people in my life.

It’s scary to write

To make poetry for myself

And to let it really flow out of the center of my being

It’s scary to write

Because most of my family already keeps me at arms length

And as much as I wish I didn’t I care what people think- I do. I have to- to a degree.

Don’t be scared

It’s me. The one you’ve always known

If you let yourself you might to come to know me in a deeper way

Don’t be scared

But if you are be scared with me

We will walk through this into deeper pastures of who we are.

Darling, Let’s Dance

Darling, let us dance all night

Let us shake off these heavy chains

And cast away our cares

Darling, let us dance all night

Our souls infused with the music

That makes our bodies move

Darling, let’s dance all night

To songs of liberation and life

As the rhythm wraps us in rapture

Darling, Let us dance all night

Body to body heart to heart

Layered and interwoven like harmony

Darling, let us confess together

Praise be to the gods on stage

With their instruments of inspiration

Darling, it is the gifts of God

For the people of God

Let us take them in remembrance that Kurt, and Richie, and Buddy, and Tu-Pac, and Biggie, and Chris, and Jim, and Jimi, and Dolores, and Janice died for us

Darling, sin not by being afraid

Let your body move freely in the power

Of the song, of the lyrics, of music

We will sweat out the demons

Who have tormented our souls

Darling, let us dance all night

The Trump will sound but not of Christ

The Trumpet announcing the music has come

And our liberation is here.

Enter in through movement

Through steps

Through dance

Darling, Let us Dance all night

I Was Mistaken

I am sorry

I was mistaken

I thought it was you

Who made me feel alive

Who Liberated my soul

Who released and inspired my creativity

I am sorry

I was mistaken

It was not you

Although you helped

Like many others through the years

In your own unique way

But I was mistaken

When I thought it was you

It wasn’t you

It was me

And to say that is scary

But it also sets me free


Do you remember when I called out to you in song

And you sang back

Voices blending in perfect harmony

Beautiful yet haunting/ soft yet strong

We called forth something older than time

Brighter than the day/ darker than night

Our song created someone new

Something that can never die.

Connection/Addiction/I have this Affliction

And I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Did You Survive the Night?

I’m sorry I couldn’t prevent night from falling.

That I failed to hold the sun in its place.

Would you believe me if I told you I tried?

My hands are seared from the burns.

My arms drained of their strength.

My will is shattered.

Night fell like a heavy blanket pulling the sun down.

And you and I with it.

But morning has returned.

And with it the light.

And all I want to know is, “did you survive the night”?

ICE Raids Deepen the Wound and Strengthen the State

Days after a lone anti-immigrant gunman murdered over 20 people in El Paso the Immigration and Customs Agency (ICE) raided food production plants in Mississippi detaining around 680 people. Some tried to flee but were quickly detained. Others watched in shock and horror as family members, co-workers, and friends were taken away.

680 people. Folks with jobs and families simply living their lives without harm to anyone. And those lives were violently interrupted and forever changed. Not by ISIS or a lone gunman. But by the federal government of the United States of America.

There is a long tradition in this country that might makes right. We see it everyday in a nation that glorifies it’s military, let’s its’ cops kill with impunity, and breaks up poor working families simply because they didn’t have the time or money to come here the way the government wanted them to.

I ask you friend: where do you stand? Do you stand with a monolithic state that exists for it’s own perpetuation and enrichment? A state that exists to protect and promote the interests of capital often at the expense of ordinary working people?

Have you been angered and saddened by the violence and hatred of domestic terrorists who think they can murder their agenda into existence? I have been. But I see past this rotten fruit to the rotten root. The state uses violence every day to promote and protect its’ agenda.

As a human being and someone who works for a living I stand with my fellow workers wherever they may be and wherever they come from. We share this planet together and we must reclaim it before it is destroyed.

The Nothing I’ve Become

I know you’re hurting too

But it feels like you’ve left me in my pain

To die again and again

I know you’re hurting too

But how am I supposed to know

I’d rather be your foe

Then to be the nothing I’ve become.

Your ears are deaf and your mouth is dumb

So you can’t hear me scream

Dissolved like a long forgotten dream

I know you’re hurting too

But you won’t read my poetry

That love’s become the death of me

I know you’re hurting too

So I write the words that burn in me

Words your eyes will never see

I Don’t Know

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